Pieter Mattheus Snyman Director of Photography

Cinematography Details
Camera: Arri Alexa Mini
Lens: Zeiss Superspeeds, Zeiss Standard Speed 10mm, Zeiss Standard Speed 14mm, Fujinon 240290, Optrex Excellence Borescope

KC Locke directs a transition-heavy tour de force for Aitch's Learning Curve.

Stitched together in a seamless, dreamlike fashion, no fewer than thirteen scenes unravel across a runtime of just over two minutes, in a concept that boasts fiery car wrecks, police line-ups, lobster dinners, an anthropomorphic necklace charm, a wedding - and a flock of sheep.

Noteworthy for its scale and pure ambition, it's a highlight in both Locke's and Aitch's videography, and has instant replay appeal. Great stuff.

"Each department put their own creative stamp on each scene from Jenny O’Sullivan (PD), Pieter Snyman (DoP) and Nick Platt (gaffer) to the VFX team who I worked very closely with (LMNTL FX) to bring the vision to life.

"Special thank you to all the team for believing in me and bringing so much passion and love to what we do."