Pieter Mattheus Snyman Director of Photography

New Generation
Production Company: JFF
Director: The Rest
Producer: Charlie DiPlacido
DoP: Pieter Mattheus Snyman

Cinematography Details
Camera: Arri Alexa Mini
Lens: Canon K34 TLS Rehoused

'Shot around west London at the start of 2017, when Grenfell Tower still disconcertingly sat on the skyline, by directorial duo The Rest, NEW GEN’s new short film, New Generation comments on the black British experience and its influence and portrayal in music. With narration by Kojey Radical inspired by the NEW GEN album and appearances by artists affiliated with the XL Records sub-label like AJ Tracey, Jevon, Hacko and Dotty, the moving portrayal was premiered at the TATE Modern last Friday night.

“Working on the NEW GEN film was a cathartic experience,” Kojey told us over email today. “There was such a true sense of open and honest expression on set that made me feel like I was truly part of something special. New Generation is a visual testament to the trials and tribulations facing a young black Britain with a microscope on the details of emotion. I am proud to be a part of something so raw and unapologetic.”'

Frankie Dunn, Vice Magazine, 29 January 2018