Pieter Mattheus Snyman Director of Photography

Production Company: Phase Films
Director: Raja Virdi
Producer: Joseph J Goldman
DoP: Pieter Mattheus Snyman

Cinematography Details
Camera: Arri Alexa Mini
Lens: Cooke Anamorphic i

'We're back in the working men's club for the final part of a trilogy of films for Passenger, directed by Raja Virdi. And after A Song For The Drunk And Brokenhearted and Suzanne, Remember To Forget focusses upon an individual in the club who has had a few drinks too many, but remains surprisingly graceful on his feet.

Brett Jones plays the drunk who staggers and sways around the bar with unusual elegance, and then engages with Passenger and his band's performance with endearing gusto, and eventually draws the rest of the club into a joyful dance routine.

With choreographed by Jamie Neale, and a noteworthy performance from the nimble Jones - who has made a few good videos in his time, including for Jungle's Time - Raja Virdi aims for that point between gritty realism and fantasy and hits the mark with this poignant song-and-dance video.


This was the most fun I’ve had on set.

"It’s been such a pleasure to direct all three of these Passenger music videos. Many months ago, Mike (Passenger) hit me up about doing a sort of trilogy of films, he gave me a short brief for each and then let me run with all my ideas. He’s been a fantastic collaborator and being able to interweave the three stories across the different eras was very fun.

"It was certainly a task to make all three videos over the four days that we had, only made possible because of such a hard working crew and collaborators. My brothers in arms, Joseph Goldman (my regular producer) and Pieter Snyman (DOP) were my heroes in making this whole thing a reality. Finding collaborators and friends you can create cool stuff with is the best.

"I also have to give shout outs to the amazing Chris Malin (my regular 1st AD) for always getting me what I need, production designer Lucy Cooper for making each era look fantastic, Jamie Neale for his amazing choreo/movement skills and creating the hilarious and infectious dance for ‘Remember To Forget’, our incredible operator Doug Walshe, our stylist Celia Arias for the amazing costumes, my regular editor Sam Marr and colourist Connor Coolbear for making post easy and fun.

"To all the cast who were fantastic and engaging - especially Bret Jones who is an outstanding talent and took all choreo and made it his own. This was the most fun I’ve had on set and am very proud with the outcome!"'

- David Knight, Promonews, 14th Dec 2020