Pieter Mattheus Snyman Director of Photography

Production Company: Friend
Director: Charlie Robins
Producer: Joseph J Goldman
DoP: Pieter Mattheus Snyman

Cinematography Details
Camera: Arri Alexa Mini
Lens: Angenieux Optimo 15-45mm, Petzval 58mm, Petzval 85mm, Optex 4mm

'Charlie Robins explores dance culture in his brilliant video for Rudimental. 

Opening with a preamble where several characters discuss their love for dance and movement, the video documents the ritual of a night out, albeit under current social distancing guidelines.

The group of friends inhabit an almost empty nightclub space, but none of them are bothered in the least. They dance, pose, pop bottles of champagne and relish in the glow of strobes and laser lights. 

Reminding us of drunken nights on the dancefloor with our nearest and dearest, the hyper-stylised aesthetic and contrasting neon colours (care of DoP Pieter Snyman) feel incredibly contemporary and reflective of an optimistic future post-Covid.' 

- Rob Ulitski, Promonews, 5th Oct 2020