Pieter Mattheus Snyman Director of Photography

Director Charlie Sarsfield
Pieter Snyman DOP Cinematographer

Cinematography Details
Camera: Arri Alexa Mini
Lens: Zeiss Superspeeds, Zeiss Standard Speed 10mm, Zeiss Standard Speed 14mm

Charlie Sarsfield directs the third instalment of Apple Music's The Agenda Live, for "Queen of The South" Shaybo.

In suitably grand surroundings, Shaybo blazes through a series of performance vignettes, captured through hypnotic motion control setups.

Exuding opulence and luxury, the artist notes that no matter how rich she gets, she'll always take care of her community - and it's safe to say her stars are ascending at a meteoric rate.

DoP Pieter Snyman's polished cinematography elevates the lavish vibes, whilst the coloured lighting and confident control of the camera ensures the project remains fresh and contemporary.


With Mud I really wanted to showcase Shaybo as the Queen she is.

"Working with Shaybo is always an amazing experience. She’s an artist that knows who she is and we really have connected over a number of projects now.

"Working with an artist that you really understand means that you can push the visual because of the trust and respect given to you by the artist. With Mud I really wanted to showcase Shaybo as the Queen she is and try and take it somewhere we’ve never seen her before, as well as celebrating other powerful women with a film that bursts with colour.

"As always I also would like to shout out my crew on the day. Everyone was amazing, and it felt like a proper family vibe. Friends everywhere I looked and it all meant for one of my favourite videos so far."